This customer wanted a canopy over her front door but as this is a single story extension, there is limited space between the door & the fascia.



Also, as they are surrounded by tall trees, she wanted something that wouldn't block out the light so opted for this Linear glass canopy.



This allows plenty of light in without imposing & looks great.

Utility room - Before.

Utility room - After.

Living room - Before.

Living room - After.

Before & after fencing installation...


Flat topped garden arch assembled & set in concrete.

This customer had a leaking toilet cistern and the plumber ripped out the box section that hides all the pipework, to gain access & carry out the repair.

I had to remove what was left & start again by constructing new framework & boxing in all the pipework but this time ensuring it was easily removable.

This bedroom was in desperate need of redecorating.

Walls to be stripped & prepared. Ceiling to be emulsioned, radiator to be painted & all woodwork to be glossed.

All prep work completed, walls re-papered with a textured wallpaper & window resealed.

This brand new 18ft x 13ft garden room required painting, firstly with a clear primer...

Followed by 2 coats of Jotun Demidek to all exterior woodwork...

With a different colour to the windows & doors.

Finally a coat of white Osmo Wood Wax to the internal walls, windows, doors & ceiling.

This block paved driveway had been neglected & moss & lichen had built up.

A long days jet washing saw a massive improvement in its appearance. 

Once it had fully dried I returned & re-sanded it & resealed it.

A massive improvement!

Having recently installed laminate flooring to this living room & hallway this couple asked for some shelving for both sides of the chimney recess.

One of their concerns was that they had their utility meters & consumer unit in one of the recess's.

Five shelves were built into each recess with the lower two shelves on the left side being removable. This allowed the two shelves to be removed for access to the meter cupboard, should they need it. 


This customer wanted to smarten up her radiator & disliked the surface mounted pipework.


The pipework was boxed in & primed & a new radiator cover was installed.




A removable panel was cut in the side to enable access to the thermostatic rad valve.



And another one in the hallway.

This shed had seen better days. The many various coats of paint & woodstains were flaking & peeling off.



One or two areas of rot were evident too.



A couple of days hard work & tlc brought it back to it's former glory.



New trims to the apex & a couple of coats of Sadolin Supadec later.




The owners of these 2 properties wanted to add security to there shared alleyway. This was not straightforward due to the sloping concrete path & boundary walls.




Trellis was added to each side.



As well as a large gate. 

They were very pleased with the end results.




View from the inside.

This customer wanted their varnished staircase rubbing down & glossing prior to their new carpet being fitted.

There was plenty to do...

As it was on...

3 levels!

After much prep work it was time to prime.

plus 2 coats of gloss 

to all 64 spindles, newell posts,

handrails, strings & skirting boards. That was a long week!

This customer's side passage was shared with his neighbours property. The old metal gate didn't do much to hide the odds & sods kept in the alley.

And it couldn't be secured without a chain & padlock.

The old gate was removed & due to the size of the opening, the new gate had to be specially made.

A dome topped, finished, tongue & groove, pressure treated hardwood gate was installed along with galvanised hinges, gate latch & locking bolts. A massive improvement & much more secure.

The original gate was re-fitted further down the passage leading to the customers garden.

This hallway carpet was looking tired & in need of updating.

Customer wanted the old mat removed too.

The carpet & door mat were removed & hardfloor underlay was cut & laid.

New laminate flooring was laid...

Plus all the edging strips. A big improvement.

This garage conversions only natural light is via a velux window in the roof. The pitch of the roof also allows it to be used as a loft.

The opening to the loft space is in a vertical wall opposite the velux window.

(Picture taken from below)

A particular type of loft ladder was required that could slide into the loft. A new hinged door was also needed to hide it all away & cut out the draught.

A strap was needed to pull the ladder towards the opening.

And a special platform for it to slide on.

A new door was then constructed to open downwards. 

This picture shows the ladder in a semi vertical position.

And then it's shut away. Draught excluder was added around both the door & newly constructed frame and an easy open fanlight catch was fitted to be opened with a fanlight hook on a pole. All it needs now is to be painted!

This bungalow was looking a bit tired & in need of some TLC.

A considerable amount of pointing was undertaken prior to painting & the end result looked great!

This summer house was only 18 months old but the clear preserver was already patchy & flaking off. After a good wash down, masking tape was applied to the windows (all 44 of them!) & 2 coats of Sadolin in the customers preferred colour was applied.

The result, a massive improvement over the original condition. Another couple of happy customers.

The eave of the stairwell came down through one end of this kitchen. The customer felt it was dead unusable space & wanted to make better use of it.

A hole was cut into the plasterboard wall & the vertical support was reconfigured to make way for a cupboard to be built.

A supporting platform was built which allowed a kitchen unit to be secured in place.

A door & architrave was fitted which finished it off & gave the customer the extra storage they were looking for.

This bedroom needed some additional storage...

Sliding wardrobe doors were required to make the best use of the available space.

& this is exactly what the customer wanted.

Really finishes off the room nicely.

This loft had the required 270mm of loft insulation which had been laid straight over the joists. But in doing so this made it unusable for storage.

Moving the bulk of the insulation to the side allowed access to the joists...

Which allowed me to fit a series of loft legs.

The insulation is then placed back across the joists leaving the top of the loft legs exposed... 

This creates a strong & stable platform to board onto...

& allows the loft to become a usable storage area again.

This picture shows the insulation sandwiched at it's full thickness between the joists & the boards. It is important that the the insulation is not compressed as it reduces it's thermal resistance & therefore it's effectiveness.  

The end result.

The awning on the back of this property was tired & had seen better days.

At only 4 metres It was not long enough to cover both windows & needed replacing.

A larger 6 metre electrically operated awning was fitted in it's place & as you can see...

...this was a big improvement.

This cloakroom had nothing but a bare concrete floor.

A few hours later, a beautiful vinyl floor gave it a much needed improvement.

This customers pond was having a clean out & a makeover...


...Whilst at it he decided to have a 'Pond Guard' fitted as he had a young grandchild to consider. The 'Pond Guard' sits just beneath the water & protects a small child or toddler from drowning if he/she were to fall in.

Having trimmed this hedge down some months earlier, the owners decided it was now time to come out.

After a very long day it was finally removed. This was not the end though...

Some weeks later the owners wanted the remaining turf & slate bed removing & replacing with a low maintainence garden.

A landscape fabric was layed incorporating the new plants.

And almost 3 tonnes of slate chippings was added.

Even round the side.

A great improvement.

Having just had their daughters room decorated, it was time to introduce the new furniture...

Wow! Check out this new high sleeper bunk complete with desk underneath & pull out futon. 

And another one for her brothers room...

A mornings jet washing transformed this parking area from this.... this!

From this... this!

From this... this!

& from this...

(during...) this!

Behind these shrubs stood a very tired & neglected 12ft x 8ft shed which was way beyond repair.

Overgrown around the side.

& also full of junk!

The customer had ordered a replacement & wanted this old one taking down.

Once i'd emptied it, it was time to tackle the roof. Then it was just a case of dismantling the rest...

& clearing the base ready for its replacement.